Your Hair Assistant

The art of blow-drying

Craft your blowout, from shampoo to final styling touches

Your Hair Assistant is designed to be used as a regimen: each product prepares your hair for the next, boosting the results of the previous one.

These products focus on helping you cover the essentials of a perfect blow out: heat protection, a shorter drying time, and sleek, frizz-free hair. Starting with the Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo and ending with the Perfecting Hair Spray, this family of products and tools let you express yourself through your styling skills.

Your route to a perfect blow dry

- Cleanse and hydrate your hair with the Prep Shampoo to remove any impurities
- Depending on the thickness or dryness of your hair, condition with Prep Mild Cream or Prep Rich Balm
- Spritz your damp hair with Blowdry Primer to lock out frizz and cut down on drying time

- Build up volume and fullness from the roots with the Duopack
- Spray some Definition mist and work through with your fingers for a lived-in look
- Seal and secure your look with the Perfecting Hair Spray